““....my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.”
Hosea 4:6 (NVI)
In this book, the enemy will be completely unmasked in your life, and before your eyes. 

My prayer is that while you are reading this book, every obstacle in your life starts crumbling page by page. And that your spiritual eyes begin to sharpen and your discernment to flourish.
Pay attention to this…

You know that in a war, information is the most important thing. And because information is power, information is an advantage.

If you don't have information, you can lose the war!

One of the strategies of the enemy is to keep you…. uninformed!
Hosea 4:6, clearly says what happens; when there is a lack of knowledge. Yes, there is destruction.
If the enemy has been preventing you from reaching your dreams, goals and purpose… Now, you will have the knowledge to win the war. This time you will!

Today you will discover the enemy. Today you will discover the strategies that he's been using, to manipulate, attack and bring you down.

Today, any impediment that you have been facing will end. Today you will defeat the enemy!

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Who should “NOT” read this book?:
  • You should NOT read this book,... if everything in your life is peachy keen.
  •  You should NOT read this book,... if you don't have a single problem.
  •  You should NOT read this book,... if finances abound in your life.
  •  You should NOT read this book,... if every door opens to you.
  •  You should NOT read this book,... if there's not a single argument in your marriage.
  •  You should NOT read this book,... if business is always great.
  •  You should NOT read this book,... if in your ministry, there is never any problem.
Otherwise, you should read this book!

A strategy of the enemy that you will discover when reading this book are 

For example; have you ever seriously thought...

• How do you get distracted?...
• What happens around you, that steals your focus?...
• What technology is at your hand, and how it is fragmenting your concentration?...
• Did you know that there are technology companies, dedicated exclusively to catch your attention?... 

“Distractions are the enemy´s main tool in the end times”.

In the book you will find… The blueprint of war that the enemy is using in terms of distraction (Chapter 1), to take you out and steal your purpose. And that, is happening right now, minute after minute.

In that chapter alone, you will learn the global strategy that the enemy uses to deviate you towards a destiny, that is not what God designed for your life.

Remember that I mentioned to you a moment ago; that one of the strategies of the enemy is to keep you…. uninformed!.?

Do I give you another sneak peek?…

He keeps you uninformed, through the use of the weapons of lies, of the new or novel, or perceptions, inducing your carnal eyes, to see and believe what is not spiritual….

Making you blind to the supernatural world, hiding the absolute truth of what you have read and believed for years in the Word of God.

Uff, there is so much more to tell you, so download the book today, because it's the best decision to fight against the enemy…

You will see how page after page, everything starts to make sense and take on a new meaning, and you will see how your days begin to change.

Go right now and download your digital book now!
Price: $13.99 (Special Price)
There's a group of intercessors praying for your breakthrough now!

May God Bless you!

Apostle Guillermo Maldonado
King Jesus Ministry 

DurIng the release, you will be able to access for free…
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THE END TIME MEGA BLESSING, is the perfect complement, once you finished reading the book “END TIME STRATEGIES OF THE ENEMY”

Because this; is the strategy for you to finally win this war.

First you obtain classified information about your enemy, then; you have to attack with your own strategy of war. It's the same way in the spiritual world.

You will always win the war, when you have information about the enemy, and a battle plan to attack. And this plan is THE MEGA BLESSING.

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