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Did you know that "Stress" is the # 1 cause of death?
Have you ever reached the end of a long day, finished everything you had to do, only to get home to find more and more things to do?
Do you feel frustration, anger and even stress at this?
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“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened,
and I will give you rest…”. — Matthew 11:28
Blessings, I am the Apostle Guillermo Maldonado.

I am writing this letter to announce my new book "STRESS FREE LIVING"

How can I not to write about the # 1 cause of death?

Within our 30 years of ministry, having a church with more than 15,000 members has led my wife and I to meet and talk with many members of our congregation. Among them, a common denominator was found:
  • ​ "Apostle, I am tired, tired of the same routine."
  •  "I feel overwhelmed with so much responsibility."
  •  "I do not have enough time, I come home and there are so many chores, clutter and things to do."
  •  "Prophet Ana, my husband does not help me ... he comes home from work to watch TV, while I come from work to continue to work at home. I go to bed late and get up early. Everyday!"
  • "At work, there is a lot of turbulence. My boss has me up to my neck with problems and more problems. This stresses me out."
  •  "I get angry easily; I cannot stand the slightest confrontation in my house. What do I do?"
  • "Apostle, I pray and pray, but the problems do not stop coming at me. Every day at work and when I get home."
If you identify with any of these phrases, it is because you may be a victim of stress.

And that's why I'm going to give you a pearl of wisdom here...
"You can never be free of problems, 
but you can always be free of stress"
Listen to this…

Life is full of challenges, unwanted circumstances, and unexpected things... Right?

You already know what is written in the Bible…that we are living in chaotic times; the end time is approaching and, along with it, will come many bigger problems that we need to face.

And I do not want to give you false expectations, saying that everything will change. No. I prefer to offer you a spiritual strategy, so that you can be free of stress and know how to deal with problems from another perspective.
In my new book:

You will find this well-developed strategy in detail, so that you are never again controlled by stress…and so that you can see God’s act in every situation and learn from everything that happens to you

Remember...God “allows” certain circumstances for us to see, understand and learn from them…like what to do next time…or know how to behave next time, and ultimately, know how to get the most out of those events and win. Yes, win the good battle of FAITH.
Think of those moments, as if they were gym weights. Weights that exercise your FAITH, your conviction, your courage as a Christian.
Are you a Leader or a Follower?
When I write books, God always guides me to write about territories where the enemy is creating chaos, a territory where he is sabotaging the purpose of the children of God.

The enemy creates strategies to destroy while God gives me strategies to counteract, according to what is happening in the now!

And it is my duty as an Apostle of this generation ... To give you the correct and specific strategies to deal with the spiritual movement that is happening today. Do you understand now, how this works?

This explains... my hard prayer, my hard fasting, my total dependence on God ... during these long 30 years!
And you, as you read this book, you will be in tune with what is happening in the spiritual world today, now!

Those who read and reread what I write in each of my books, will be at the forefront, with shields and supernatural swords to defend themselves and defend their family.

And even more, it will be those who will be called to be leaders.
A leader is someone who has the strategies, and when these strategies work, others follow them.

A leader is a creator and duplicator of strategies that work and produce results. And he offers them easily to his followers. And that's you! Or is it not?

What is Stress Really?
Good question, let's start from there.

Stress is a state of alertness, anxiety, worry and fear generated by the human body before the imminence of a real or imagined threat, for the present or the future.
"Stress is an anticipatory concern and is usually imagined, having nothing to do with reality "
It is a physical response of the organism; it is a natural thing that God put us in our central nervous system to respond to danger.

As you can see, God put this in us to save our lives. To stay alert if that danger comes.

However, with the media, news and social networks…we are constantly being bombarded in our minds with messages of danger and of what is to come. Is this true or not?
Did you know that  out of 13 news broadcasts on the news, 12 of them are negative?

The enemy knows that if he fills you with "negative" information, he is injecting you with "fear and stress". Revealing? Of course! Do you feel that? ... it happens when something is being revealed to you in the spirit!

And when you are under stress, can you imagine how you would react? BAD, very bad. True?

When you are under stress, you will respond with rage and anger, and even feel like there are stones in your stomach. Has this happened to you?

Some women have mentioned to me and to my wife that they have a feeling of "impotence." They say they have felt it…

"My husband, he does not help me. It does not help me with the burden of the house. I sleep less than him, I do more than him. It seems like he doesn't care about anything. And when I try to say something to him, he gets mad, and he talks to me badly. I do not know what to do, Apostle!"
My answer to this woman is:

"Daughter, do not let yourself get stressed, because that's not the way you will solve things. Instead, give your burdens to HIM. Literally! Relax, rest in HIM and live a more peaceful life. Trust in God, moment by moment!"

Some of you will be thinking:

"Apostle, to be honest…it is difficult to relax and rest when your house is a mess and you see your husband in that chair, not moving and not supporting you. I cannot let my house become disorganized."

"I understand you, daughter, however…By definitively taking the decision to surrender your burdens to HIM, to let go of everything…you will see that everything will begin to flow."
Stress is a response of the body against a danger!

In the previous conversation we had, was there really any danger?…No, right?

So then, why do you feel stress? Why does this physiological response of stress come?

This is due to what we put in our minds. News, violence films, imaging the future, etc...

Did you know that women are more imaginative than men?

Women create situations in their minds, while their bodies believe them. And if their body believes them, and these situations are filled with worry, anxiety, impotence…then their body will react to stress. Do you understand how this works?

So…Be careful of what comes into your mind. Protect your mind, because that's where the enemy is an expert in, that’s where he sends his darts.

Ideas, imaginations, and worries are the darts. The difference with these darts, though, is that if they can enter the mind...they will explode at any moment, especially when a specific circumstance arises.

In my book, I explain in more detail how stress works, and how to combat it physically and spiritually...


This book in particular is a balance between the physical world and the spiritual world.

There, I explain in detail, how stress works in the body and how it operates at the spiritual level.

You will have the definitive strategies to deal with stress physically and spiritually. Can you imagine?

People perish for lack of knowledge, right? …

What you will read is the best summary of our 30 years of ministry, it is a summary of what we, my wife and I, had to deal with during all this time.

It is a summary after having spoken with hundreds and hundreds of people, in one-on-one counseling, in deliverances, and everything you can imagine during these 30 years.

Trust me, you cannot imagine what we had to go through as ministry.
You do not have to have a ministry as big as ours, or go through all we had to do in order to get a church to move forward...and to more than 15,000 people no less!

So just by reading this book again and again…you will know how to finally live a life free of stress.

Did you know that when you have stress, God’s creative ideas cannot reach you? Do you recognize them?

Because when you have mental air traffic (i.e. darts), there are no clear areas for the ideas of God to land on. And you must know that God’s creative ideas can prosper you. Now you understand it, right? Is it revealing too?
In the following, I explain 2 types of stress that exist:
1) Natural Stress
2) Spiritual Stress
One deals with the mind and information that you consume daily, what you imagine, etc…

And the other deals with the demons and how they operate in a prepared mind, programmed and trained by the enemy, where the darts have been sent, and activated. Ready to explode!

And usually where and with whom do we explode on? Exactly; with our family and in our house! Hurting everyone we love! Think about it!

You will learn about all of this in this book, it will give you more quality time with your family, more harmony, more rest, more laughter…You will look at life now with eyes that everything is fun and pleasant.

Do you know what is the antidote against fear? Keeping a grateful heart.

Do you know what my favorite word to God is? “THANK YOU!”

So…Regardless of the problems that come, now you will see them as challenges, learnings experiences, and even as leverage for your own life’s purpose.
“What you perceive as stress is actually leverage for your purpose in God.”
When you finish this book, you will change your spiritual lens. You will be more grateful to God and for what he has given you. And you will no longer be looking at what you do not have yet.

Learning to live a Christian life, balanced and full of JOY.
“Where there is joy, there is no stress. Because joy forces stress out of your body!”
Can you imagine walking in joy, amid problems? Wow! I've lived it hundreds of times!

Consider the verse “Peace that surpasses all understanding.”

The best result you will get after finishing this book is that problems will no longer be problems for you, now you will see them as opportunities to learn, grow and get out of any situation to advance in your life’s purpose.

My prayer is that while you are reading this book…the “wow’s” that you say, may become tangible revelations that guide your life on the way to your destiny in God.

My prayer... is that you forget what you felt when you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated.

May your mind and body never remember it again, and may you now live every minute in absolute joy because there is happiness and strength there. True or not?

I send you blessings!

Apostle Guillermo Maldonado

From here... The Digital Products Team will explain what you will receive:
This book can be obtained physically at the local store of our church or digitally here so you can download it today, plus there are additional bonuses...
When buying this book only for today, the cost will be U$15.00 (for a limited time and only for the first 500 people)
And as a launch offer ... you will receive these bonuses:
We will give you 2 more books for the price of one:
That's to say; when buying today "STRESS FREE LIVING" you’ll receive these 2 additional digital books as a bonus, totally free:
We wanted to create a package of 3, since fear and being scared constantly invade our thinking, our actions and paralyze us.
If you have a business idea, for example, and you have not been free from fear/or are scared...this will paralyze you.
You know what you must do, but you decide not to do it, or you just do not move, having the excuse that you’re not ready yet…This is fear and being afraid!
Understanding fear and understanding depression...will free you both naturally and spiritually.

By having all 3 books, the enemy will not be able to make arguments to keep you stuck. And your mind will be free to act with that idea that God gave you and with the rest he will give you…

Each of these books has a cost of $15.00. $15.00 x 3 books give a total of $45.00...
Today's offer, and for a limited time, is simple:

Instead of paying $ 45.00 to learn how to be free of almost everything... You will invest in yourself only the cost of 1 book today!
We will only sell 500 books at this price, and then the offer will be withdrawn. (As long as you see this page active, it means that the offer is still valid, take advantage of it and do not miss it).
And in addition to that,…

We are going to give you THE COMPLETE SERIES "How to Be Free From Stress and Anxiety" - 2019 in VIDEO and in MP3.
More, THE COMPLETE SERIES of the "How To Be Free From Stress" - 2015 in MP3
As you can see, if you add all of this…it would be a total of more than $70.00…But today, or until we reach the first 500 people, the cost will only be $19.99 in the DIGITAL version.
If you would like the HARDCOPY of the book AND live in the United States, the cost is  $24.99 (Below you can find the link to the online store).

If you live in the United States and Prefer a Hardcopy, CLICK HERE
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